Beauty Salon and Spa in Lekki Lagos

Indulge in a wide range of beauty treatments and hair making,
carried out by our highly trained experts



The hardest working parts of your body are often the most neglected – your hands and feet.

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Healthy hair does matter. It’s our mission to help every lady attain and maintain healthy hair- whether short, long, natural or relaxed.

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Have you always desired a flawless skin? Dreamlocks can help you achieve that healthy, smooth and nourished skin you’ve always dreamed about.

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Enjoy a deep sense of relaxation, loosen tight muscles and transport yourself into a state of bliss with Dreamlocks Massage therapy.

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Thank you for choosing Dreamlocks

Thank you for choosing Dreamlocks. We are your upscale , go-to and one stop full service salon and spa. Our team of experts deliver superior salon and spa treatments.
Our beautifully designed ,ultra tranquil, luxurious and pleasurable atmosphere allows you to relax and unwind while we deliver services in Hair Dressing and Styling, Nail Care, Makeup, Grooming , Facial and Body treatments as well as all things related to the beautifying of the total body.

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